Monday, June 4, 2007

My Iraq Plan

So here is my plan. Keep in mind that I have no knowledge of military strategy and my experience in politics is very slim.

1. Should we stay or should we go?
I think this is the most important question. A lot of Americans feel that the United States being in Iraq is making it worse. Let's put this to a vote and let the people of Iraq speak. We should allow Iraqis to vote "yes" or "no" to the US continuing to stay and assist in reconstruction. If they vote "no" we leave within 6 months. It's that simple. If they vote "yes," then we move on to step two.

2. It's time for a time-table.
I understand the position of many Republicans that setting a time-table would encourage the insurgency. But who cares? We have tried to help reconstruct Iraq for several years now and the insurgency doesn't appear to be suffering from lack of encouragement. Step two in my master plan is to force the Iraqi government to pass a time-table on how much longer we will stay. The key to this is having the Iraqi government decide, not us. Allowing them to decide will help strengthen foriegn relations because the world will see we are there because Iraq wants us to be there. We will set a time-table for the Iraqi government to create a time-table. The time-table could consist of several years, but at least we would have something concrete.

3. Diplomacy.
After the time-table for our occupancy is set we then go to the neighbors of Iraq and explain our plan. We ask for their assistance so that we can leave Iraq strengthened and able to stand on its own when we leave. We let them know that the plan will fail without them and the Iraqi people will be left open to harm and violence.

4. Stick to the time-table.
Next, we stick to the time-table and leave when the time comes. We leave knowing we did all that we could to help Iraq and its people. I am not opposed to leaving a US command center in Iraq, but we will no longer be in charge of security or support of the country.

So are we ready to elect me as President...yeah right.


Jeremy@Life of an Ant said...

Interesting take. I'll vote for you. Takes about $300 million these days to become president so good luck!

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