Friday, May 4, 2007

Review of "The Mormons"

I found "The Mormons" to be one of the most accurate productions on the Church produced by an outsider of the faith(which may not be saying much). There were inaccuracies and misleading statements but what I appreciated most about this documentary was its intention. I have watched enough anti-Mormon films to feel and know the chill that comes with the hateful and degrading motivations of its producers. And while I couldn't help but occasionally cringe, I never felt hate or bitterness while watching this production.

A lot of facts and views of the Church were shared. But most of the spiritual and sacred events that motivate our Church (in the past and in the present) were not. This presents almost an empty shell of Mormonism. Which I feel the producer was going for. It seemed she wanted to give her viewers just enough information without overloading them.

A few subjects I was disappointed about were the Mountain Meadows Massacre and Polygamy. I believe that too much time was focused on the Massacre, making it appear to be more of a defining historical event to the Church then it actually was.

Also, I wish the documentary would have focused more on the Church discontinuing polygamy. Right after it explained the Church discontinued polygamy it went directly into LDS Fundamentalists and their practicing of polygamy. This may give a viewer who is unfamiliar with the Church an idea that the Church never stopped this practice.

I could go over each detail I felt was incorrect - there were many. But overall I appreciated this documentary. There were many opportunities for someone to feel the Spirit when certain aspects of the Church were discussed.

Of course it also presented a critical side, but that critical side exists and I am glad they were given a voice.


Julie said...

Thank you for your perspective. It helps! Sorry about the Mavs. You are true and devoted fan.

Jeremy said...

Oh the Mavs!!