Thursday, May 3, 2007

Best in the West?

It's been a long time since my last post. You must forgive me but I have been spending my spare time engrossed in my second love to the Gospel - sports.

It's NBA Playoff time and my Dallas Mavericks have not been doing so well. I have been a true fan since I was 10 years old. I glory in this because when I was 10 years old the Mavericks were lucky to win 20 out of 82 games a season. Despite the losing record and the ugly uniforms I backed my team year in and year out.

Lately I have received my return as the Mavericks have been playoff contenders. Last year they made it to the Finals, only to choke after going up 2-0 and losing to the Miami Heat. I cannot describe to you how deeply depressed I was for weeks after that series. Unhealthy? Maybe. But I was born to follow sports.

The Mavericks are down 2-3 in their first playoff series since the Finals. They had the best record in the NBA this season, one that broke records, but have succumbed to the Golden State Warriors in what could be the biggest upset of the season.

I have had the opportunity to go to games 3 and 5. This has only fueled my anger towared the Warriors . They play like thugs, and they act like thugs. It almost seems like this series is a battle between sportsmanship and immaturity.
Tonight, if the Mavericks lose they are eliminated. If they win they are tied up and headed back to Dallas for Game 7. They have become the underdogs and most of the media is predicting a loss. But I have faith.
In regards to my usual topic of religion I did watch the PBS special "The Mormons." All I can say at this time is it was a valiant effort to capture Mormonism. I never sensed any motive but to understand and I appreciated it. I wish I had the desire to write a few mroe of my thoughts but I don't. I'm in a stage right now in which I am tired of discussing religion. I feel that I am living the Gospel the best I can according to my beliefs and faith and have no desire to explore them through dialogue with others. I am sure I will come out of this stage eventually. But until then...

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Aaron said...

Sorry 'bout your Mavs.
I share your love for sports, but I don't follow any professional teams. Only 4 more months until college football!